Top Treatment Options For Watery Eyes

At first glance, excessive tear production, known as Watery Eye or Watering Eye does not appear to be a serious condition. However if left untreated, chronic excessive tears can cause eye discomfort, irritation and blurry vision.

Fortunately, treatments exist to help this problem, technically known as “epiphora.” Here is a look at at the top treatment options.

  1. Artificial Tears. Though it may seem counterproductive, artificial tears can help excessive watering of the eyes by lubricating dry eyes. In some cases, tear glands produce an excessive amount of tears as a reflex to the irritation of dry eyes, overwhelming the tear drainage system. Artificial tears treat dry eyes before the tear gland works overtime to create excessive tears. So if you’re prescribed artificial tears to treat watery eyes, do not be perplexed.
  2. Lacrimal Surgery. For watering due to a tear outflow obstruction, surgery is usually the best treatment option. The type of surgery performed will be determined by the cause of the excessive tearing, following a consultation and diagnosis by an experienced and certified surgeon. A punctoplasty corrects a tear drainage hole (known as a “punctum”) that has become narrowed, while Lester Jones Tube Surgery is performed on patients who have a watery eye due to a complete blockage of the canaliculi e.g.  following eye trauma. Endoscopic DCR and External DCR are two other common types of lacrimal surgeries performed by Dr. Leatherbarrow.

Watery Eye (Epiphora) Treatment in Manchester

To learn more about Watery Eye or Watering Eye Treatment or other surgical and non-surgical procedures that Mr. Leatherbarrow performs, contact us today and schedule a consultation. Our clinic is located in South Manchester, not far from the airport, and you can reach us at 0161 947 2720. We look forward to hearing from you.

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