Below you will find a series of testimonials from our patients.

Gracie Butler’s Story

“I have now finished my course of Radiotherapy and I am in a period of maintenance, pending an MRI scan in 6-8 weeks to confirm the tumour in my right orbit has gone. I am writing to express my thanks to you and the staff at your clinic for the excellent care you provided to me. I really appreciate how promptly you scheduled me in to have the biopsy done from our first initial consultation. The instructions and communication that I received from yourself and your colleagues was always clear, and I left the Spire hospital with clear guidance of how to care for my eye in the two weeks post-surgery. The bruising and swelling around my right eye were largely gone a week after my operation. I would like to thank you for how much care you took with my stitches because once they were removed it became clear that the scar left was tiny, hardly noticeable and fell in the natural crease of my eyelid to avoid drawing any attention to it. No one would be able to tell that I have had an operation on my eye unless I told them otherwise. My eye now looks so much more open and my face now looks much more normal as my eyes resemble the same shape. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank-you for everything that you and your staff at the Face & Eye Clinic have done for me.”

David Stirk’s Story

“Mr Cannon and his team carried out a superb reconstruction following Dr.Telfer’s wonderful MOHS operation on my left eye. Thank you, I am delighted with the result.”

Jack Donovan’s Story

“Dr Leatherbarrow performed ptosis surgery on my left eye as it was slightly drooping. The staff at the clinic were very professional and the surgery was pain free. My eyes are now symmetrical with no signs of surgery being performed, the result has exceeded expectations. My mum has since undergone surgery with Dr Leatherbarrow for a different procedure. I did my research before my procedure and I would highly recommend the ‘Face & Eye Clinic’.

Thank you Dr Leatherbarrow.”

Peter Latham’s Story

“My wife recently visited the Face & Eye clinic because she suffers from the condition called trichiasis ( ingrowing eye lashes) She saw the consultant Mr Paul Cannon who advised electrolysis treatment to remove the lashes permanently. My wife was extremely nervous because she has had this treatment before at another clinic and the experience had not been good.

We have nothing but praise for Mr Cannon and all the staff at the clinic, they put my wife at ease and we’re exstemely professional but also very caring and considerate.”

Jo Wilson’s Story

“I had an upper lid blepharoplasty in January and I am ecstatic about the results! I have wanted eyelid surgery for many years and after getting a recommendation from someone, I decided to go for a consultation with Mr Leatherbarrow. I found the team to be so warm and supportive and my consultation was honest and focused on what would be successful. The day after my surgery I was so happy with the results and this has continued to get better and better! I could have returned to work within a week but stayed off for the recommended two weeks. I keep looking at my eyes throughout the day, before the surgery I very rarely looked in a mirror. I would whole-heartedly recommend Mr Leatherbarrow.”

Leslie Rothwell’s Story

“I am Lesley Rothwell of Horwich, Bolton, 54 years old and recently had bilateral upper lid blepharoplasty with a temporal direct brow lift (in simple terms hooded eye surgery)
It is the best thing I have ever done as my eyes were getting me down so much.
And I know I chose the best clinic to have this procedure done too. I honestly cannot fault anyone or anything from beginning to end- the surgery, the practice or the people. Mr Leatherbarrow, the surgeon, is a truly gifted professional gentleman who explains everything in great detail. All the staff from the theatre team, nurses, practice manager and reception team are also professional but also warm, friendly and caring throughout and made me feel totally at ease.”

Karen Moore’s Story

“Two weeks ago today I had a bilateral lower lid transconjunctival blepharoplasty and microfat injections, and already the results have been nothing short of miraculous. Mr Leatherbarrow who performed the procedure is a truly gifted and outstanding surgeon. His skill has transformed my whole face and has been a life changing experience. He is supported by a first class medical team who took and continue to take excellent care of me. I would highly recommend both this clinic and Mr Leatherbarrow without any hesitation.”

Mike M’s Story

“After very extensive research I identified Dr Leatherbarrow as the expert to perform upper and lower eyelid surgery on me. Brian proved to be the expert medical professionals and patients alike claim he is. To start with, he’s a calm and empathetic personality, very reassuring when you undergo surgery. He listened to me patiently, asked all the right questions and then gave me realistic advice rather than making lofty, unattainable promises. The operation itself went smoothely and exactly as planned, with very acceptable downtime. And the result is even better than what I hoped for: very natural, very me—with the clock turned back 10+ years. Thank you so much!”

Jan’s Story – Coral implant

“My name is Marzena. I am Polish. I would like to share my son’s story.Jan had a very unfortunate accident at the age of 18 months. During a routine walk he fell down and a thorn of a rose badly injured his right eye. It was a very serious penetrating injury due to which he lost completely his eye sight in his right eye.

After some time the eye became more and more deformed. Apart from abnormal appearance the rising pressure in his right eye was causing strong headaches. When Jan turned 11 it was recommended to remove his sick eye.

We did some research regarding the current options available throughout the world. We finally, came across a recommendation of Mr. Brian Leatherbarrow who specializes in various eye surgeries and is also known for carrying out eye-implant surgeries with excellent results. Mr Leatherbarrow agreed to perform Jan’s surgery. At the same time it turned out that the Surgeon cooperates with a very experienced Ocularist, Mr Robin Brammar. So we came to Manchester with great hope.

Jan underwent his surgery in July 2009 and 2 months later he had his artificial eye fitted.

Jan’s artificial eye looks and moves like a real eye. We are extremely happy with the final results of the surgery and the artificial eye work. I cannot even find words to express our gratitude to the wonderful specialists and their gifted hands who changed Jan’s appearance.”



Preoperative appearance


Postoperative appearance following right enucleation and placement of an hydoxyapatite orbital implant and fitting of an artificial eye

More featured testimonials:

Jackie’s Story

“I attended the clinic on the 13 September for the removal of a chalazion cyst on my eyelid. I was very nervous as I had undergone treatment previously at a different clinic and it was extremely painful. However, I needn’t have worried as Mr Leatherbarrow put me at ease immediately. He was very kind and competent, he reassured me throughout the process and was very gentle. I am pleased to say that the whole procedure was completely pain free and the chalazion has gone! The treatment I received at the clinic was first class, both Janet and Becky were also very caring and made me feel comfortable. I am very grateful to Mr Leatherbarrow and his staff and would highly recommend this practice to anyone!”

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