Frequently Asked Questions about Orbital Decompression Surgery

Orbital decompression is a surgical procedure designed to treat several different eye conditions, most commonly thyroid eye disease, by removing some bone from the eye socket, creating more space for the orbital soft tissues and allowing the eye to return to a more normal position. For some patients orbital fat can also be debulked to achieve the decompression. To learn more about what exactly this procedure entails, explore some of the answers to the top patient questions about orbital decompression.

Frequently Asked Questions about Orbital Decompression Surgery

  • What are the indications for this procedure? Orbital decompression is typically used in the management of thyroid eye disease, but it can be performed for other reasons as well e.g. to improve the appearance of lower lid retraction in patients with prominent eyes. The most common indications for this procedure in patients with thyroid eye disease include compressive optic neuropathy causing visual loss, exposure and drying of the surface of the eye, chronic pain, and cosmetic deformity.
  • How is orbital decompression performed? The orbital decompression procedure is tailored to the unique needs of each individual patient, so it’s not always performed the same way. The surgeon can choose to remove orbital fat, orbital bone or both, and there are several different incisions that can be performed to access the bony walls of the orbit. Incisions can be made in the lower eyelid, upper eyelid crease, through an endoscope or more. Each offers their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and your surgeon will select the incision that’s best suited to your needs.
  • Who is best suited to perform orbital decompression? There are a number of different surgeons that can perform the orbital decompression procedure, including orbital surgeons, plastic surgeons, maxillo-facial surgeons, ENT surgeons, and neurosurgeons. It’s always important to trust your eyes to a surgeon who has a detailed understanding of the complexities surrounding thyroid eye disease and is able to safely perform this procedure and protect the eye.

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