Beauty Tricks To Refresh Tired Eyes

When people are tired, nothing shows it more than the eyes. Dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles make the face less attractive, look older, and often make people look sad. However with a few simple beauty tricks, you can have your eyes looking as fresh as a solid eight hours of good sleep.

Fight Puffiness

One of the first signs of tired eyes is puffiness, particularly under the bottom lash. To reduce the signs of puffiness, try one of these tips.

  • For a quick fix, use warm tea bags to reduce eye puffiness. Caffeine shrinks blood vessels and tightens the skin, making eyes appear more youthful and awake.
  • Lay cold metal spoons over the eyes for five minutes. The cold metal tightens the skin and narrows the blood flow, reducing the look of swollen eyes.
  • Hemorrhoid cream can also help to reduce the look of puffy eyes. Designed to reduce inflammation and tighten skin, it can do the same for eyes as it does for other areas of the body. Gently massage the cream onto the puffy skin and watch it shrink.
  • Witch hazel also reduces puffiness by tightening the skin. Put a small amount on a cotton ball and dab it onto the puffy circles beneath eyes. Be careful; witch hazel burns when it makes contact with the eye.

Hide Dark Circles

The dark circles that appear underneath tired eyes are the result of broken capillaries and blood vessels. Although the color can be naturally lightened, often times concealing is the only quick option. Here are some tricks to help combat dark circles.

  • Place a slice of raw potato over the eyes. Potatoes contain catecholase, a natural bleaching agent and can temporarily help reduce the look of dark circles. Chill the potatoes and let it sit over the eyes for 10 minutes. Eyes will appear awake and revitalized.
  • Use a yellow or peach colored concealer. Don’t cover dark circles with normal foundation or a beige color stick. Yellow or peach work best because they counteract the blues and purples and balance out the hues of the face.
  • Use Vitamin K cream at night. Vitamin K promotes skin health and regrowth and can assist in reducing the darkness of under eye circles. Use at night by gently massaging into the skin. Vitamin K increases sensitivity to ultraviolet light, so be sure not to use it during the day.
  • Brighten eyes by lengthening the lashes with mascara, using eyeliner on the upper lid, and darkening in the eyebrows. By bringing attention to these areas of the face, it makes the eyes appear more open and draws attention away from the dark circles.

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