What is Fat Pearl Grafting?

Many people associate facial aging with the development of unwanted wrinkles or lines. The fact is that age can also manifest itself around the eyes by resulting in a “hollowed” look around the eyelids. Fat pearl grafting is a procedure which can improve the “hollow-eyed” look by transplanting fat from another area of the body to the eyelids.

So, what is involved in this procedure?

Fat pearl grafting is usually performed under ‘twilight‘ anesthesia. The procedure begins when fat is taken from another area of the body, and placed into the upper and/or lower eyelids. Typically, the fat is taken from the tummy button area via a small skin incision, although it can be taken from other donor sites as well. The donor fat is then be divided into small “pearl-like” grafts, and transplanted into the eyelids through an incision in the skin crease in the upper eyelid and via the conjunctiva (on the inside of the eyelid) in the lower eyelid.

The results of a fat pearl grafting procedure are generally good, and long-lasting. However, the results will not be as predictable in patients who are smokers. The best candidates for the procedure are otherwise healthy adults who have either had too much fat removed in an upper and/or lower eyelid cosmetic surgery operation (an upper lid and/or lower lid blepharoplasty) or who have developed hollowing of the eyelids with age. Like with any similar procedure, patients must have realistic expectations about this procedure, since it will not permanently stop the natural aging process. For the treatment of additional hollowing in the tear trough area, the cheeks and temples, the new procedure of microfat injections can also be considered. This is very similar to Coleman fat injections, but much smaller cannulas are used ensuring a smoother, even injection of fat cells into a delicate area of the face.

Patients should expect to spend 2 to 3 weeks recovering. Most patients will be able to see the effects of the procedure after a few weeks, although it can take 3-4 months for the final result to be seen.

Fat Pearl Grafting in Manchester

To learn more about fat pearl grafting or other surgical and non-surgical procedures that Mr. Leatherbarrow performs, contact us today and schedule a consultation. Our clinic is located in South Manchester, not far from the airport, and you can reach us at 0161 947 2720. We look forward to hearing from you.

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