Below you will find a series of testimonials from our patients.

Eye Removal Surgery

Jan’s Story – Coral implant

“My name is Marzena. I am Polish. I would like to share my son’s story.Jan had a very unfortunate accident at the age of 18 months. During a routine walk he fell down and a thorn of a rose badly injured his right eye. It was a very serious penetrating injury due to which he lost completely his eye sight in his right eye.

After some time the eye became more and more deformed. Apart from abnormal appearance the rising pressure in his right eye was causing strong headaches. When Jan turned 11 it was recommended to remove his sick eye.

We did some research regarding the current options available throughout the world. We finally, came across a recommendation of Mr. Brian Leatherbarrow who specializes in various eye surgeries and is also known for carrying out eye-implant surgeries with excellent results. Mr Leatherbarrow agreed to perform Jan’s surgery. At the same time it turned out that the Surgeon cooperates with a very experienced Ocularist, Mr Robin Brammar. So we came to Manchester with great hope.

Jan underwent his surgery in July 2009 and 2 months later he had his artificial eye fitted.

Jan’s artificial eye looks and moves like a real eye. We are extremely happy with the final results of the surgery and the artificial eye work. I cannot even find words to express our gratitude to the wonderful specialists and their gifted hands who changed Jan’s appearance.”



Preoperative appearance


Postoperative appearance following right enucleation and placement of an hydoxyapatite orbital implant and fitting of an artificial eye

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Jackie’s Story

“I attended the clinic on the 13 September for the removal of a chalazion cyst on my eyelid. I was very nervous as I had undergone treatment previously at a different clinic and it was extremely painful. However, I needn’t have worried as Mr Leatherbarrow put me at ease immediately. He was very kind and competent, he reassured me throughout the process and was very gentle. I am pleased to say that the whole procedure was completely pain free and the chalazion has gone! The treatment I received at the clinic was first class, both Janet and Becky were also very caring and made me feel comfortable. I am very grateful to Mr Leatherbarrow and his staff and would highly recommend this practice to anyone!”

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